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One will come across most online casinos offering craps, which points to its rising popularity. Craps is a dice game and an easy and simple game to learn and follow.

However, rules of online craps can vary from casino to casino. Hence read the terms and conditions of the casino site carefully before you sign up to play craps online. It all will depend on whether you are participating in an online tournament or playing against the house.

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In craps game, two dice are used to play. The development of the games will depend a lot on the outcome of the first throw. The first throw is known as ‘come’. If the first number shows a total of two, three or twelve; then this is called as ‘Craps’. And in case you decided to place a ‘pass’ bet, then you are sure to lose this one. A total of 7 or 11 on the first throw is considered a ‘natural’ roll. In this case the player will win. If the outcome of the thrown dices does not include the above numbers, then this is known as a point.

The player can place different kind of bets against the house, which may include, the  ‘come bet’, ‘don’t come bet’, ‘pass line bet’, ‘don’t pass line bet’ and the ‘place bets’.

When playing at different casinos or in craps tournaments, you will have different set of rules to follow. Hence get aware of the rules, terms and condition of each casino where you decide to play. Even the basic rules for playing the craps tournaments may differ. Understand these terms and conditions, defining the rules which will inform the player on how much he needs to pay to enter the tournament, the number of games in the tournament and as well as the prize money. Always choose to play Craps at a reputable site.

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