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Online Keno games are being offered in almost all the casino gaming sites. The game is very similar to lottery and playing keno games is very easy and simple. Any newcomer wills no time to get familiar with its rules and how the keno game is played online. The prime focus of this page is to help the players know all about how to play keno online.

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In order to play keno online, you need to buy a ticket first. On the ticket or the card you buy, you will see numbers from one to eighty. The top half of the ticket will display numbers from one to forty and the lower half will show numbers from forty one to eighty. Before you start playing online keno, you will have to select the numbers you want. You have to pick at least one number but not more than 20.

20 random numbers are selected when the games begins. Once the game is over and the numbers are announced, you will be paid according to how many numbers you got. Apparently, the more your selected numbers match the outcome, the higher is the payout. Hence, it is apparent that the keno game is based on pure luck.

Again, the payouts may vary from casino to casino. But as the house edge is on the higher side in these games, the payouts are higher. Players have different options at different keno sites. For example, they can choose to play themed games or go for traditional keno games. But generally speaking, the rules are the same for all of them.

However, the maximum bidding amount may differ from one casino to another. This game appeals to lottery fans and can be very entertaining. Even with the higher house edge, players get lured by the large payouts.

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Keno history began 3,000 years ago. Without question, this makes it easily one of the oldest gambling games around today.  Naturally, it should come as no surprise that the game that existed back then isn't the game of keno that is presently played...